eye of the beholder.

people’s opinions about english bulldogs are generally very strong–either positively or negatively. “a face only a mother could love” is often heard, but for me, those little squishy faces and piles of wrinkles are the most adorable things. and this little punum, was no exception. after plastering pictures of bulldogs around my house for months, i received this little stinker for my 11th birthday and for the next 12 years he definitely fit the bill of (wo)man’s best friend. so here’s to you munchkin, i will love you always.


2 thoughts on “eye of the beholder.

  1. Mia, so glad you included that wrinkled little guy we all loved so much, on your site. A sight only a mother could love, I’m not sure about that, are you? He was the best, such a character, and bigger than life. love, love, loved him. Kathy

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