i stumbled across this recipe a few nights ago and immediately started salivating.  mmmmm, popovers.  the first thought that popped into my mind was obviously of those delicious lunches i had at neiman’s growing up.  warm, buttery popovers smothered in strawberry butter and a little teacup full of that ever-soothing chicken broth.  i knew i’d have to give them a try.

my roommate told me that she had to make cookies for work, so we planned on a lazy sunday afternoon dedicated to baking.  the popovers were surprisingly easy to make—just had to keep a close eye on the timing.  i mixed up a little side of strawberry butter (equal parts preserves and butter). well, they were amazing. i think i’m going to have to make this a regular occurrence in my kitchen.

freshly popped out of the oven.

mmm. so light and buttery.  2 hours later and not a single one is left…




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