the walls are blooming.

simply put, i’m a big fan of flowers.  and i like to get my money’s worth (or preserve the memory) so i dry every single stem that comes my way.  therefore, i’ve always had vases full of dried flowers in my room.  so i knew i had to do a twist on this once i saw it.  maybe one day i’ll go all out and have my walls blooming from floor to ceiling. but for now, i like the subtlety of my roses.  the wooden beams frame them perfectly and it brings just the right amount of color to my strange peach-hued walls.  and what an easy way to put a little pizazz in a room—i just used tape (i dont think my landlady would have been happy with a line of nail holes across the wall).


One thought on “the walls are blooming.

  1. Really mean it…..I love the flowers…I never would have thought to do that. I read your thoughts every day and I adore your insights..I feel I am taking an art appreciation make my day..
    Loveg joyce

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