la città più bella.

living in firenze was unbelievable, needless to say.  it’s a truly magical city: there is beauty waiting around each corner. and history embedded in each cobblestone.

the art. the architecture. the food.  (omgthefood). everything about florence exudes this italian grace that cannot be recreated.  my senses were constantly in overdrive. the perfect symmetry of the renaissance buildings.  the old men belting out love songs in the piazza.  the heaping plates of pomodoro e basilico. the endless copetti of gelati.  although the essence of the city simply cannot be captured–it must be experienced first hand–i took a few photos that give a glimpse of the city’s spirit.

view of the duomo and sinagoga from inside the campanile.

santa maria del fiore–brunelleschi’s renaissance masterpiece.

my favorite place, san minato al monte.

funerary statue in the cemetery of san miniato.  i love how graceful she is–a true tribute–and surrounded by the roses–its undeniably beautiful.

the banks of the arno. smooth as glass.



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