the word of the day.

i find myself using the word gallivant often.  i feel it very accurately describes how i spend many of my days.  however, its one of those words that i know, and use (correctly), but don’t actually know the true definition–i generally use it as a synonym to frolic.  and that’s why i was beyond tickled this morning when my word of the day (my favorite app in the world) told me this:


[gal-uh-vant, gal-uh-vant]
–verb (used without object) wander about, seeking pleasure or diversion; gad.
doesn’t that just sound fabulous?  yes, i spend many a day gallivanting.  who wouldn’t want to wander about, seeking pleasure or diversion?
and well, it didn’t hurt that the second usage of the word is: go about with members of the opposite sex.
i definitely wouldn’t mind wandering about, seeking pleasure or diversion with a nice boy, would you?

so thank you,, you just made gallivant my new favorite word.


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