patron saint of fashion.

so if you haven’t been to an all saints store–or never heard of the brand–you are missing out.  i discovered the brand when i was in london last year and i instantly fell in love.  their look is rugged, very urbane with a little twist of girly flair.  about a month ago they opened a store in union square and i finally got a chance to go this weekend.  the interior of the store matches the spirit of the clothes and upon entering, you are immediately enchanted. i’d love to gallivant (sorry, i had to) around town in a good majority of their collection.  some of their pieces, however, have a little too much going on–gets too heavy.

these are a few i’m craving:

owain jacket $690

the studs, the embroidery, the sumptuous leather. yummm.




polyxena jumper dress $230

cozy and sexy at the same time-paired with some opaque tights and a rugged boot.





devo mini dress $490

this dress is amazing. i think it weighs 15 lbs.  a mix of metal and sequins–what could be better?





devo skirt $260

and a skirt version?   about 5 inches of fabric and 10 lbs of metal- this guarantees a party.





layla trouser $200

i’m really into the whole harem look and these are silky and sweet.






check out their website to see the rest of their drool-worthy collection–they have men’s and children’s too!


One thought on “patron saint of fashion.

  1. my leather jacket is by them, i love this company! i need to come visit when i get back and we can shop together yaaaaay

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