bruschetta: it’s an italian restaurant appetizer go to.  it’s also one of my easy recipe go to’s.  seriously, this recipe could not be easier—it’s almost unfair to call it a recipe.

all you need is:

  • a good loaf of bread–senza salt if you want to go true tuscan.
  • red onion.
  • a few cloves of garlic–i like mine uber-garlicky.
  • tomatoes–i prefer cherry or grape.
  • olive oil & balsamic.
  • salt & pepper.

mince equal parts onion and tomato.  add chopped garlic. pour in a generous portion of olive oil and balsamic.  then add a dash of salt and pepper.  if you’re preparing this ahead of time, just let it sit for like a half hour, stirring every few minutes.  otherwise, i just pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and it gets all the flavors going in a flash.  toast slices of the bread.  and voilá–deliciousness.

tonight, i threw a little bit of fresh mozz on top–the coolness of the cheese is a nice complement to the warmth of the tomatoes.  mmmm.


2 thoughts on “deliziosa.

  1. coco and mirrored photos
    hobos and curved toes
    are scattered thru the town
    while the aesthete smile is complete
    with a gift from you, free on mia’s street

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