an afternoon at sfmoma.

i spent a beautiful afternoon perusing the galleries of sfmoma today.  there are currently 4 exhibits at the museum: the anniversary show, henri cartier-bresson: the modern century, exposed: voyeurism, surveillance, and the camera since 1870, and how wine became modern: design and wine 1976 to now.

i went specifically to see the retrospective on cartier-bresson, however, besides a few prints, i wasn’t blown away.

this photograph of coco chanel blew my mind. cartier-bresson so perfectly captured her essence.  i bought the postcard–it is definitely going up on my wall.

the anniversary show is always a treat–how can you go wrong with you have matisse and mondrian on adjacent walls?

matisse’s fauvist masterpiece: woman with a hat 1905—i could stare at this painting forever.

piet mondrian’s new york city 2. i love any mondrian, but his one has the most phenomenal texture to it.

although i generally hate glass frames on artwork since the reflection in the room alters the image, i’m loving this: richard prince’s untitled (girlfriend) with reflections of jeff koons’ micheal jackson and bubbles, marylin minter’s strut and me, of course.

for this reason, francis bacon put glass over all of his images–he wanted the viewer to fully interact with his paintings.

the wine exhibit was interesting–more technical than artistic.  a complimentary glass of wine would have made it more worthwhile!  they did offer free smells though!

and then i headed up to the roof sculpture garden for a slice of mondrian cake.  it really is nothing special–but come on, its a masterpiece in cake! how delectable!

a little glimpse of sf with ellsworth kelly’s fudgesicle in the foreground.



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