wow, i cannot believe 2010 has come and gone–so quickly, might i add?  but then again, il capodanno in roma seems like ages ago.  twenty-ten has been a good year for me, it definitely has taken me places.

florence. milwaukee. san francisco.  (& a few pitstops in between).

this year has been quite the adventure–a quite fabulous adventure.  i’ve seen and experienced endless beauty.

a few highlights?

getting the amazing opportunity to live in florence. & see some of the most amazing art and architecture that this world has ever created.





exploring london with lucy: seeing some of my favorite paintings on the walls of the tate britain.

meandering the streets of paris with one of my oldest friends.





getting lost in the streets of venice.  finding enchantment around every corner.


experiencing the wonder of marrakech with ms. de abla—the colors, the scents, the purest beauty.





moving back home–recharging after a phenomenal adventure,  getting to spend quality time with the parents and the sweetest days with my dog.


being reunited (if only for a few days) with these lovely ladies.





visiting and falling in love with san francisco.  exploring every inch of this city with my mama.


celebrating 23 with two of the finest gents that i know.  a warm early summer day spent under the sweet, sweet rays of Madison’s sun.





moving to this beautiful city.  finding a job, an apartment, a life.  devouring all that sf has to offer.



zstar’s visit to sf.  much needed sisterly love weekend.



reuniting with the fam for thanksgiving.

and a lot of dancing in between!
so 2010, i bid you adieu.  and 2011–let’s see what you got.
i hope you all have the most beautiful new year.
all of my love.

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