…and [feathers] in her hair.

if you look closely, you can see little shimmering strands of purple in my hair. no, it’s not some awesome photographic effect–i have purple feathers in my hair.  no, they are not natural (as one of my customers believed) but they are real feathers.  i saw this DIY on free people’s blog a few months back and knew that i had to have them–immediately.  so i perused etsy, found plume, and promptly ordered a pack of 6 purple grizzly feathers.  i was tickled with excitement when they showed up in my mailbox.  although it seemed pretty easy to put them in, i was hesitant about doing it myself–so i summoned my  (errr..) very manly friend rob (shh! i promised not to tell a soul!) to be-feather my tresses.  (i bought him cupcakes as a bribe, as i also sent him to sally’s beauty supply to pick up some hair extension crimp beads).  a few tugs on my hair later, i was feather-ized and beyond ecstatic about it.  the purple is a perfect complement to my dark brown locks–the perfect pop of color.  

they are subtle enough not to be obnoxious. but fabulous enough to make a statement.

i kept them in for 3 weeks without a single problem but had to take them out for my annual haircut.  for the next 3 weeks, i missed my plumage insanely knowing they needed to get back into my hair–STAT!  this time, i summoned my visiting mother to re-apply my hair trimmings.  and voilá–my hair is happy again.

they are washable, blow-dryable, curlable, & straightenable.  and supposedly last 8-12 weeks and this time i intend on keeping them in for that long.




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