well, i’ve done it again.

i consider myself to be a pretty wonderful cook—granted, i don’t anything far too elaborate but i don’t think i’ve ever made anything that’s bad, therefore placing me in the category of delciousness-maker.  yesterday, i bought a giant butternut squash.  i didn’t have any sort of plan for it at the time.  so i spent my day at work today daydreaming about my squash’s future–i scanned through the few ingredients that are currently in my pantry: red quinoa, rice cakes, refried beans, canned corn, a few assorted granola bars, arborio rice.  arborio rice! risotto! perfetto!

measurements aren’t really my thing–i really just throw things in pots at random.  so here’s the general idea of my delish recipe:

sauté butternut squash, onion (i used red for a pop of color) garlic and butter.

add arborio rice. let brown for a sec.

add a cup-ish of water. stirrrrrr until water evaporates.

repeat. like 4 or 5 times.

the third time, i substituted some sauvignon blanc.

add another chunk of butter. and a nice heaping handful of parm (i actually used pecorino tonight).  season with salt, pepper, ground cloves, and peperoncino.

voila! deliciousness is served.


and now i’m stuffed.


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