die brücke.

i la-la-loooove ernst ludwig kirchner. i fell in love the instant i saw this detail blown up and plastered to the side of a building in madrid advertising an upcoming exhibit at the prado. at the time, my head in a blur, taking in all the sites, i didn’t note the name of the artist, just snapped this photo. i kept waiting for that green face to show up in one of my art history books. and just when i was about to give up hope, my 20th century modern went to the next slide and there she was: fränzi.  finally! four years later! and thus began my love affair with kirchner. one of the founding members of die brücke, he used magnificent colors to amplify his images.  his style can be considered “primitive”, for the lack of a better word, based on his love for african and oceanic images. also inspired by the woodcuts of albrecht dürer and the emotion in van gogh’s works, he is the epitome of german expressionism.

panama girls 1910.
self-portrait with model 1910.
franzi in front of carved chair 1910.
marcella 1909/10.
bathers at moritzburg 1909/26.

i got to see this masterpiece at the tate modern while i was in london.

street, dresden 1908.

he is so playful with his colors and images, despite examining some of the darker issues of la vie boheme.

“my paintings are allegories, not portraits.”

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One thought on “die brücke.

  1. Glad you appreciate Kirchner! He is one of my all-time favourite artists. I notice that all the photos here are from his late Dresden period. I think his work had a simplicity in it at that time which was remarkably effective.

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