everybody knows edvard munch–if they don’t know him by name, they know him by his scream. the scream is one of the most famous paintings of all time and for good reason, but that’s not the munch i love.  it’s his women that i love.  he paints his women with such passion, such intensity.  i’ve mentioned before that his madonna is one of my favorite paintings of all time and it’s no surprise that his other women are so beautifully sensual as well. his themes are depressing and existentialist, yet there is is always a glimpse of beauty in his work.


it had twisted around me like blood-red snakes
–the finest threads had entangled themselves in my heart.

–speaking of his lover’s hair.

the brooch. eva mudocci.
paris nude.
the day after.
the kiss.
the sun.

and then there is this painting. i was lucky enough to get the chance to see this while it was in chicago and let me tell you, it is unbelievable.  it truly radiates.




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