flashback to 2004. this song is on repeat. everyday. every car ride. at the time, it completely resonated with me. and when i listen to it now, it brings me back. back to those car rides with my sister. and how each time we listened to it, it would make my best friend carole cry. cry because it is so completely, utterly beautiful. so beautifully true. and seven years later, it still brings tears to my eyes. and i think that  nelly furtado’s lyrics resonate with me now more than ever.

..and i have lived so many lives, though i’m not old.

the more i learn the more i cry.
as i say goodbye to the way of life  i thought i had designed for me.

and that’s wonderful. and that’s life.
and that’s you, baby.
and that’s me, baby.
and we are, we are, we are, we are free.
in our love.
we are free in our love.

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