the icons.

there’s nothing better than an awesome coffee table book. huge. hardcover. a few inches thick. killer pictures. a true conversation starter.  a few years ago, my grandma gave me just that: a giant, bright red book. the topic: mid-century modern—knoll design. its pages are plastered with images of iconic furniture and their genius bauhaus designers. although aesthetically, i generally lean towards the more organic, flowing, art nouveau styles, there is something about the simplicity, modernity, & ingenuity of these iconic chairs that i will forever love and one day hope to inherit!

in 1929, mies van der rohe rocked the world with his barcelona pavilion at the world’s fair.  it’s focal point: the barcelona chair. simple, clean, and undeniably modern, this chair is the definition of class.

a few years earlier, in 1925, marcel breuer created my favorite chair in the world: the wassily. simply genius, this chair has no competitors. it is truly in its own league.  i love the clean lines and the lightness achieved by the tubular steel.

a few decades later, in 1955, eero saarinen created the epitome of space-age design with his tulip chair. since their inception, chairs have always had 4 legs, but saarinen changed this by literally placing his sitters on a pedestal. a true 1960’s icon, the tulip chair will forever be in style.

these three chairs, along with knoll’s other iconic designs, will forever represent class and style.  when you walk into a home or office that is furnished with one of these designs, you know that you are in the right place.


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