the poster maker.

in my eyes, henri de toulouse-lautrec can do no wrong. most people know him for his posters, his prints, which, obviously, are amazing and stand the test of time.  i, however, love his drawings and paintings.

i have tried to do what is true and not ideal.

and that is true–his works are so honest. he shows the prostitute and the dancer in the same light. he shows them as they are. he doesn’t hide the darkness, he exposes it. he makes it beautiful.


cha-u-kau, the clowness 1985.


nude in front of a mirror 1897.


mlle lucie bellanger 1896.

i love his chalk on cardboard pieces–they are sketchy but still so powerful. and i love their monochromatism.


madame poupoule at her dressing table 1899.


woman putting on her stocking 1984.

this painting is by far my favorite of all his works.  the woman on the left is so ugly–he has no qualms about showing true character. i was immediately captivated the first time i saw it.


and just as a side note: in conversation, a friend of mine made the comment “napoleon, everyone’s favorite little man”. i quickly had to disagree because at 5’1″, toulouse-lautrec is undoubtedly, my favorite little man.


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