along the embarcadero.

so i went uber-tourist today and rode the cable car down to fisherman’s wharf–neither of which i have done since my first visit to sf when i was nine.  the weather god’s decided to love me again today and provided another beautiful day–unfortunately, that was pretty much the highlight.  the cable car ride was enjoyable–very much so actually. but fisherman’s wharf is gross. i guess i knew that going in, but an inundation of tourists is never really how i want to spend my day.  

alcatraz (my adventure for tomorr0w).

being the uber-tourist.

sea lions at pier 39. ridiculous chunks of blubber.

coit tower.

transamerica pyramid.

bay bridge.

love me a squished penny (my san francisco collection is now up to four).

despite the ridiculousness of the wharf, there is nothing better than good weather in sf.  and aimless wanderings always make me happy.


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