we all want something beautiful.

i guess i had forgotten how fabulous it is to drive–wind blowing in your hair, music blasting. music is always on in my world–walking with headphones, itunes on shuffle, those strange cable music channels–but it’s been about 5 years since i’ve really spent much time driving.  but in the last week, i’ve rediscovered the wonders of a car stereo–and along with it, i’ve rediscovered some 90’s favorites.  to say that the counting crows were a big part of my adolescence would be an understatement. i was obsessed. but somewhere along the way, i guess they’ve kind of got lost in the shuffle (quite literally, of my itunes). but this afternoon, in my car, when those first few chords of mr jones came through my speakers, my eyes widened, my mouth curled into a smile and i couldn’t help but sing along—“i was down at the new amsterdam…”

my apologies, mr. duritz, for forgetting about your musical genius. but no need to fret, i’ll definitely be playing your albums on repeat for at least the next week or so.

smiling in the bright lights, coming through the stereo…


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