the house beautiful.

in the 1880’s, oscar wilde developed his theory on the house beautiful–persuading fellow victorians to live in lavishly decorated homes, both inside and out, in order to enhance their lives with aestheticism. (side note:: wilde’s the life beautiful was the inspiration for the title of this little blog – the life beautiful). years later, frank lloyd wright developed his theories on the house beautiful–similar ideologies just in a contrasting style: arts&crafts. so it clearly seems appropriate that i set out today to see wright’s hollyhock house and angelino heights’ victorian mansions.

frank lloyd wright’s home for aline barnsdall–built 1919-1923 – open to the public for only $7, i obviously could not pass up the opportunity. and it was well worth it–the interior is magnificent, stereotypically frank. of course, photographs are prohibited but i highly recommend a visit.

victorians of angelino heights.

i love the sunburst motifs on this one.

1344 carroll avenue.

1316 carroll avenue.

1330 carroll avenue built for charles sessions.

can i have these windows in my house?

1300 carroll avenue built in 1887.

you’d definitely be living the life beautiful in one of these beauts!


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