de stijl.

i love how some things get exponentially better the more you know. i liked the work of piet mondrian the first time i saw one of his famed compositions–but i only began to love his work after i devoured his manifesto. one wouldn’t think that there was such a strong theory behind criss-crossed black lines and squares of primary colors–but, by golly was that man a genius. his theory: a utopian harmony expressed by the purest abstraction.

the emotion of beauty is always obscured by the appearance of the object.
therefore, the object must be eliminated from the picture.

of course, he didn’t begin painting in pure abstraction–he was a classically trained artist with phenomenal skills. however, my love for him begins around 1910 when he was just beginning to toy with abstraction.

gray tree, 1911

ocean 5, 1915
composition, 1916
farm near duivendrecht, c. 1916
antithesis of stereotypical mondrian, but one of my faves.
composition with color planes and gray lines 1, 1918
composition with red, yellow, and blue, 1928
composition with two lines, 1931
composition with blue, 1937
composition with black, white, yellow and red, 1939-42

broadway boogie woogie, 1942-3

art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.

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