so fresh and so clean, clean.

last week, the sister and i had the most delicious dinner at thai patio. and i was inspired. i’ve always loved thai food, but i’ve never delved into making it myself. so last night, i started my thai cooking adventure. i started with the simple: fresh rolls. baby steps. when the extent of a recipe is chopping veggies, boiling water and stirring a few ingredients–you really cannot go wrong. but sometimes, like in this case, simple recipes turn out to be the most delicious.

the ingredients:

yellow peppers   –   bean sprouts   –   cucumbers
carrots   –   mango   –   romaine lettuce
mint  –  vermicelli  –  rice paper

simple homemade peanut sauce:

minced ginger & garlic   –   sugar
peanut butter   –   hoisin sauce   –    water

after dunking the rice paper in a bowl of cold water, pile ingredients onto center of sheet.
roll it like a burrito.

the finished product!

mmm, delish!

definitely is going to become a summer staple in this house.


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