there is only you and your camera…

...the limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.

–ernst haas.

while my parents were here last week, they gave me a very unsuspected, wonderful early birthday gift: a new d-slr camera! my love for photography has been growing exponentially over the past couple of years and although i love my little point-and-shoot, it was definitely time to graduate to a real camera. i definitely have a lot to learn considering i’ve never needed to adjust the aperture or shutter speed before, but it’s coming along quite well and i always enjoy a good project.

lovely downtown from my lovely little apt.

pierre the frenchie. pretty much stole my heart.

santa monica moon.

my portrait guinea pig::zstar.

enjoying a little treat at my favorite spot in la thus far–gelatovino.
my favorite feature::extremely fast shutter speed.

like i said, i’ve got a long way to go, but i promise lots of goodies in the future.


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