there is an ugliness…

as a rule, street photographers are some of my favorites. but the moment i discovered weegee, i was in love. working in new york city in the 1940’s and 50’s, weegee documented crime scenes, dark bars, and the realities of urban life.

i go around wearing rose-colored glasses. in other words, we have beauty. we have ugliness. everybody likes beauty. but there is an ugliness…

and well, weegee shot the ugly. the real. the dirty. the messy. but somehow, despite the subject matter, his compositions are still pretty.

easter sunday in harlem, c. 1940
girls watching a movie, palace theater, c. 1943
jayne mansfield, c. 1951
a phonebooth is a handy place to make a date…. c. 1944
norma devine is sammy’s mae west, december 4, 1944
scene 1: warm-up, scene 2: the kiss, scene 3: the clutch, c. 1948
two young girls, c. 1940
tenement house, may 23, 1941
their first murder, october 9, 1941
the fashionable/the critic, november 22, 1943
frank pape, arrested for homicide, november 10, 1944
billie dauscha & mabel sidney, bowery entertainers, december 1944

aren’t they just spectacular?

click images for source.


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