one more weekend, one more weekend’ll do.

i have to say that i had the perfect memorial day weekend: three days in palm springs with the grandparents and a little memorial day bbq back in la. beautiful weather. beautiful people. & delicious foods. seriously, who could ask for more?you know you’re in the desert when…
a visit to the palm springs art musuem:: john w. nieto—before missionary school 1988.i want this. seriously, obsessed::nicola vruwink–the best that you can do 2009/10.this view seriously never gets old.glorious.
just before the summer’s heat dries them trees in mission love with the desert.not to brag or anything, but i make phenomenal guacamole. mmm. grilled to perfection.
helped my grandma make mac&cheese. i took home a pound. mac&cheese for daaays.
i can take credit for all the vegetarian fare, but supposedly the grillmaster made some delicious meat.not quite sure why they were putting x’s and o’s in the sky. but it was pretty nonetheless.

and so summer begins…


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