adventures underground.

i have a strange affinity for victorian photography–well, pretty much all things victorian actually–with its low contrast, sepia tones and ridiculously, bizarre fantasy scenes. but she has always been my favorite.

alice liddell age 7, 1860

although many years later julia margaret cameron photographed her, as a young girl she was the favorite subject of charles lutwidge dodgson aka lewis carroll. yes, she is the alice for whom he wrote alice’s adventures in wonderland. and you can see why–even as young as 6, she looks slightly mischievous like she could take on the queen of hearts.

alice liddell as beggar maid, 1858

‘would you please tell me which way i ought to walk from here?’
‘that depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the cat.
‘i don’t much care where,’ said alice.
‘then it doesn’t matter which way to walk,’ said the cat.


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