if we were less scared, we’d see more beauty.

art doesn’t help people, people help people.

i just discovered the german graffiti duo, herakut, and well, they are spectacular.  their work has a childlike innocence mixed with the most beautiful wisdom. they are truly inspiring.  in 2010, the duo made their mark on the buildings of los angeles–i am definitely going to need to venture to culver city and check them out. and i think i might need to pick up the book and discover more about this phenomenal duo.

if we were less scared, we’d see more beauty.
tap your feet to the beat of original sin.
they stole my shoes and ate my homework.
the day i would begin to see the world through his eyes.
can you take me to where i came from?
monkey boys.
angels come in various sizes.
anything can be beautiful when you look at it with love.
i want to be music because it travels without boundaries. coachella 2011.
if i gave up my arms, could you teach me to be happy? just give your love no matter what!
i took my world apart just to be here with you.
if there were dreams to buy–guess which one i would buy. (with the artists).

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