come on let your colors burst.

well, i just spent 10 wonderful days in my beautiful (and scorchingly hot) hometown of milwaukee, wisconsin. i hadn’t been home since i moved to san francisco just over a year ago and all i can say is::home sweet home. here are a few of the highlights:

catching glimpses (and whiffs) of lake michigan while driving down my street. seen here from villa terrace.
enjoying time at the house i grew up in with my parents eclectic taste in art and love for dad’s amazing BBQing skills.never-ending feasts at glarus beer! oh how i’ve missed you. ain’t nothing like it.seeing taj mahal at summerfest and reliving many high school memories while pushing through the very, um, wisconsin crowds.  spending time with some of my favorite people on this earth (i’m now wishing this picture was not taken with my iphone).reuniting with my jazzfamily for kell’s wedding.fireworks over lake michigan.eating at some of my favorite restaurants::especially sopa azteca from cempazuchi.meeting baby eli who is only 4 days old and 5 lbs here. so happy you were 3 weeks early!

so overall, simply amazing.

here’s to next time, milwaukee.


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