villa terrace.

villa terrace is just a name that you know if you live in milwaukee. or if you don’t know the name, you know it from the stairs coming up from lincoln memorial drive. but i’ve never been there. well, most people haven’t either unless they went for a wedding. but a few years ago i discovered that these famous stairs belonged to a decorative arts museum and ever since, i’ve been dying to go. so while i was home, my grandma and i spent a beautiful afternoon devouring the interiors and wandering the renaissance garden.  built in 1924 by david adler, villa terrace was inspired by a renaissance lombard villa.

the home’s details are outstanding::especially, the zuber wallpaper. and i would kill for those floral sconces.

roaming the renaissance garden.

the formal entrance gate designed by famed milwaukeean cyril colnik whose work is showcased inside the museum. and how adorable (and tiny!) is my grandma?

loggia and some pretty awesome flowers. the name of which i immediately forgot.
and my favorite::a beautiful wrought iron rose by colnick.

just another hidden treasure. and a wonderful afternoon spent with my grandma (i tend to do a good portion of my nerdy art escapades with my grandmothers). and i highly recommend a visit to the garden on a beautiful summer afternoon.


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