a softer world.

and the destination is just work, everyday.

i have completely fallen in love with a softer world:: it’s the perfect combination of  pretty photography, sappy sentimentality, and dry humor. created by emily horn and joey comeau, these three panel “comics” make me giggle and blush at the same time.  and i’m officially hooked.

anyway, i have TWO new boyfriends. so…
because you’re doing it wrong.
but don’t hit me in the face. it’s picture day.
i am glad we are friends.
i brought it from home.
i’ll give you a hint. close your eyes…
like you are suddenly awake after a long winter.
please don’t leave me alone with our stupid children.
for my portfolio?
or a maintenance person, i guess. or…or, both!

check out the website for some of the more taboo…


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