and all the night’s magic.

misty glow.

a few years ago, i was introduced to the magic that is the work of leonid afremov. i devoured his gallery, became obsessed and quickly forgot his name. his images, however, were ingrained in my memory.  so you can imagine my excitement when i stumbled upon his work (his name) on the lovely world wide web.  his oeuvre is extensive–filled with colorful images of cities, buildings, dancers, flowers, nudes. but my favorites are his landscapes. the way he uses color to portray light is breathtaking:: an ultra-modern version of impressionism.

she left…
rain energy.
night magic.
night jerusalem.
misty city.
midnight rhythm.
magic rain.
lake como–bellagio.
holiday mood.
golden gate bridge.
gold sunset.
amsterdam–winter reflection.
after a night rain.

honestly, he blows my mind. and once again, i am completely obsessed.


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