mmmm. i’m stuffed.

the sister and i have been on a roasting kick–me, the cooking. her, the eating. honestly, i think every meal we’ve had for the past two weeks has been some variation of roasted fish and veggies. delicious. easy. and very little clean up. what could be better? so last week, i threw together my own little version of parmesan tilapia. and it was a biiiig hit. so tonight, i mixed it up a little and voila:: asiago encrusted mahi mahi.
ask my sister—it was delish.

1. mix together about a 1/2 cup of grated asiago, a few sprinkles of salt, pepper, garlic powder and basil, and a small handful of flour.

2. cover filets with olive oil. and dip both sides in cheese mixture.

3. pop in the oven at 450° and cook for 18 minutes. turning once. looks yummy, right? yah, it was.

i also threw some potatoes and kale in the oven–doused with olive oil, peperoncino (aka red pepper flakes. but the italian word is just much better), garlic, and salt & pepper. which, by the way, is the easiest, fool-proof seasoning for anything roasted. delicious. every. single. time.

seriously, who could ask for a better meal? and yes, my plates have paper dolls on them.

i’ve officially mastered the art of roasting.

and i’m stuffed.


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