guest post:: franny does brazil.

so first up is my dear friend fran::she’s living in sao paulo & interning at ogilvy. she’s really tall and like, really pretty and despite all my efforts for her to try out for america’s next top model, she decided to become a copywriter (anyone have a job for her in milwaukee?).

Bom dia (good day) and tudo bem (what’s up) from Brazil.

Living in Brazil is like any other place.  There are things you love, things you hate, things that inspire you to dance in the rain, and those that make you want to tear your hair out.

Fortunately, last weekend I found something I love about Brazil, the Praça Benedito Calixto.  It’s a weekend antique market in the Pinheiros neighborhood of Sao Paulo.

 The market was a mix of antique treasures, art, food and music.

This stand shows the diverse range of items available for purchase and free ogling.

Feel free to drop your jaw, the jewelry was exquisite.

There were tons of pieces I’ve never seen in the United States, including my new gold plated snake bracelet.

There were also several stands selling records from all the big names of the past: Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, Elvis and The Beatles.  Notice I’m browsing through the “Black Music” section.  Brazil isn’t the most racially sensitive country.  Just another “Lost in Translation” moment in Brazil.

It took my roommate and I close to 3 hours just to get through every stall.

There were tons of antique cameras, clocks and telephones including this high heel phone I was considering.

In Brazil, the coffees are the size of a double shot of tequila, and they are just as powerful.  It is served in espresso cups, often with tiny teaspoons such as the ones pictured above. This was a big change for me, since I’m used to guzzling venti double shot lattes from Starbucks.

A semi-serial killer-esque Barbie art piece.

I don’t know what was scarier: the baby leg or that creepy doll head, but the antique glass set was divine.

We ended the day with some pastels, churasco BBQ sandwiches, and coconut water.  This is my roommate Felicia ready to strike her pastel.

Pastels are deep fried pockets of genius with flavors like: pizza, shrimp and cream cheese, and ground beef.  If you’re ever in Brazil, these should be food priority #1.

Just another beautiful adventure in Sao Paulo.

Beijos! (kisses)

Tchau, Tchau  (bye)



2 thoughts on “guest post:: franny does brazil.

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!! You have such a zest for life Frannie – keep up the communication, we love hearing from beautiful you!
    Aunt Chris

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