guest post:: julia talks photography.

 miss julia was my roommate in firenze. the first evening we downed a few beers and were laughing uncontrollably—i knew immediately that she was a good one.  i’ve mentioned before that she has the most amazing eye and takes beautiful photographs, so i was thrilled that she decided to talk about photography.  (don’t worry, she’s australian::she didn’t actually spell realize wrong).

Jamie Livingston, New Yorker, photographer, film-maker and circus performer received a Polaroid camera in 1979 and after a few weeks, realised he was taking a photo a day – this turned into the Polaroid a Day project.

His photos are fascinating, and once you start trawling through the archives, a story begins to form and it’s difficult to stop…

Curated by two friends of Livingston, there are over 6000 Polaroids, enduring 18 years, from March 1979 to the day of his death in October 1997  – no captions or commentry, just Polaroids.

The Polaroids are not an example of professional photography, nor are they of particularly notable events, and one can’t help to feel like they’re intruding, especially as the photos take on a darker light during Livingston’s final months.

Yet, as you slowly discover, a project such as this highlights the beauty in the everyday –

 ‘Hundreds of people filled my loft and the party snaked down Ludlow Street to Stanton. But what did Jamie take a picture of? A potato chip or something. It was a gorgeous shot, though’

The way Livingston viewed the world and the way he appreciated the ordinary is absolutely inspiring. How are you living?


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