13 most beautiful.

warhol’s movies are an interesting thing–you want to love them, because it’s warhol. but in reality, it’s almost impossible to pay attention for their entirety. last fall, i went to a (rare) screening of chelsea girls–a nearly 3 hour, half silent film. and although i was extremely excited (and lucky!) to see it, i simply could not sit through the whole thing–it was pure insanity. i, however, stuck it out for longer than most of the other viewers.

for most people, his films are pretty hard to swallow. so thankfully, the warhol museum released 13 most beautiful…songs for andy warhol’s screen tests for the less cerebral (read: not on drugs) crowd. set to a beautifully psychedelic soundtrack by dean & britta, warhol’s superstars shiiiine.

between 1964 and 1966, warhol filmed hundreds of  moving portraits–2 minutes each. slowed down to 4 minute segments. the film focuses on 13 of these black and white portraits perfectly aligned to dean&britta’s soundtrack::11 original tracks and 2 remakes.

the 13 portraits feature::
paul america. susan bottomly. ann buchanan. freddy herko. jane holzer. dennis hopper. billy name. nico. lou reed. richard rheem. edie sedgwick. ingrid superstar. mary woronov.

the film is mesmerizing. each individual encapsulates you. and the soundtrack only enhances their emotion.

after the film finished, i immediately bought the album.

three of the songs are particularly spectacular.

edie & it don’t rain in beverly hills.

oh my god you are so beautiful.
and i see you for the very first time.
you read your lines. you read them beautiful.
and you smile. you always smile on cue.

the perfect lyrics for edie.

nico&i’ll keep it with mine.

written by bob dylan. covered by nico.

paul america&teenage lightning and lonely highways.

unfortunately (obnoxiously), i couldn’t find the screen test from the film. but listen to the song. it is aaaahmaaaazing. by far my favorite from the album.

you can have it if you want it. if you like to take a chance.
i can hypnotize the pancakes. i can levitate the pope. 

and one more thing::

the opening portrait of ann buchanan is hauntingly beautiful. that single tear. ah.

watch this film.
turn off the lights. and actually watch it. it’s the most beautiful. i promise.
(and you can stream it live on netflix until 9/15).

(more guest posts to come this week!)


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