guest post:: pete’ climbs a mountain.

and next we have, pete’–the yin to my yang::although we share many similar interests, this girl and i could not be more different. for example: when i asked her to write on my blog, she told me was going to post about sports. sports?! really? i obviously do not have a category for that. thankfully, her computer crashed and this post is lost somewhere between 1’s and 0’s. so instead, she decided to share some pictures of boys skinny dipping–i mean, hiking. because “it does, in my mind represent a beautiful world, in which we live.”

photo taken by the lovely frances.

Next week (correction::yesterday)I am getting hip surgery, so I thought there would be nothing better to do on my last weekend of full flex than to go to the extreme–hiking and camping of course. Three friends and I drove out to the beautiful Northern Cascades to Raining Pass, a name quite fitting for the state of Washington. The hike started out rough in the blazing heat but when we got up to Snowy Lakes, we jumped into the cool water and took in the spectacular mountains that surrounded us—making it all was worth it. Friends, Camping under the stars and tequila in a flask, I couldn’t ask for a better last hurrah–at least for a while that is.

These three studs were my tour guides.
Cooling down with a little snow fight.
One thing I’ve learned living with these guys in Seattle, it is definitely not camping if skinny-dipping is not involved.
At 6900 feet it can take a while for water to boil. Waiting….
My tent–watching the sunset.

 Just a small 23 mile and 2700 feet elevation gain hike, no biggie.


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