boys will be boys and play with toys.

keith playing piano, 1972.

 although his photographs of bob dylan are spectacular, i couldn’t ignore ken regan’s rolling stones’ oeuvre. he so perfectly captures their persona together, as a rock band, but also catches them solo, in more intimate moments–i mean, that picture of mick on the phone:: awesome.

mick, close up, vancouver, 1972.
woody on beach hair, montauk, 1975.
mick on the phone, 1972.
keith by the fire, 1977.
the stones at the alamo, 1975.
andy warhol & mick jagger.

i think this might be my favorite photograph ever. top ten, at least.

the rolling stones at tracs, new york, 1977.

i could do about 50 more posts on the work of regan, but i’ll spare you. check out his portfolio though–you’ll be fascinated.

click images for source.


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