sunshine superman.

while scouring the melrose trading post for furniture to finish off the sister’s new apartment, this amazing gem caught my eye. considering my psychedelic love affair with donovan, i knew i had to add it to my (pathetically small) record collection. and for the measly price of 4 quarters, i can now call this baby mine.

i simply cannot convey the happiness this purchase gives me. this album is simply wonderful::sunshine superman, season of the witch, and the trip–i mean, pure musical perfection.

and then there’s this on the back cover::

part one.
sunshine super-duper man: a collapsed love affair no less.
the legend of the girl-child linda: a tale for ageing children.
twelve kingfishers: dive—a flash of turquoise-briliiants into the pool (summer–donoleitcho’s island).
the ferris wheel: from the kingdom of the green witch, a girl spoke of how she’d gotten her hair caught in a wheel of sorts.
i’ve been looking through ice-blue shades: someday my princess will come (soon please). 
part two.
the season of the witch: starring mr. plod in action with a daughter of the evil land of mordor.
the trip: is a hub of life, a club of life in the vest coat of the americas. 
the lady guinevere: all of a sudden i was there, 400 a.d., hidding like a childing watching…
the fat angel: appeared to me on a visit to los angeles. celeste is my name for the laady weaver of all the skies who weaves our fates on a silver loom in the silent room of eternal love. 


oh donovan, i love you and your psychedelic nonsense.


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