hood fo’ life.

disclosure:: people always ask me (ok, maybe not always, but i have been asked) why i don’t post more about fashion–after all, i work in fashion and i have pretty spectacular style. honestly, i don’t really have a reason–it’s not really something i’ve thought too much about. fashion is my lifestyle. but art&design (and food!) are my passions. and they tend to end up on here a little more often. but since two of my favorite pastimes include getting dressed and being photographed it seemed only natural to start a little ‘look at me! style’ section here on the life beautiful. and when my sister offered her services as my photographer, it was a go. (she’s pretty awesome//kind of like my personal paparazzi).  soooo, without further adieu:: this is what i wear…

when i was living in italy, my über-fashionista of a friend lucy had the most spectacular hooded coat. the hood was huge. and it was fabulous. a year later, when prepping for winter sanfrancisco style, i found its twin. and for the next few months, i wore it every single day. unfortunately, los angeles winters aren’t quite cold enough to merit such a jacket (my life’s rough, isn’t it?) but the few times it was, i rocked my hood in happiness.

so there you have it. the first glimpse into my wardrobe. but don’t worry, there is a whole lotta sequins,patterns and jewels where that gigantic hood came from.


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