like all good things, the secret of friendship is hidden in the details. xx.

the aim of life is to live.
& to live means to be aware.
joyously. drunkenly. serenely. divinely. aware.

-henry miller.

the never-ending search for the perfect lipstick.
and the delight that accompanies a fabulous new shade.
(current obsessions/new additions:: smashbox’s fuschia flash & tarte’s lively).

the joys of getting dolled up–especially in sequins.
& indulging in deliciousness–specifically cheese&wine at gjelina.

wandering aimlessly & finding the sweetest surprises.


3 thoughts on “joyously.drunkenly.serenely.divinely.

  1. do you think you’ll ever find the perfect lipstick or is it variety and exploration that keeps you searchin? am i talking about love?

  2. my new lipstick purchases: Nars “Cruising” for a neutral and the perfect red Nars “Heat Wave”!

  3. @karmalize:: i dont think there is just one–it’s more about the collection.
    but for love? i’m definitely still searching.

    @molly:: my nars fave? funny face.

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