strike it. stalk it.

fini photographed by horst, 1946 // la vie idéale (the ideal life) 1950.

 leonor fini ran with the likes of dali, cartier-bresson, ernst & picasso. she created fantasy worlds in her paintings and in her daily life. whether she was painting a realistic likeness of one of her famous friends or faceless reverie, she had undeniable talent and created the most hauntingly beautiful images. with an oeuvre spanning six decades and multiple fields, fini is the definition of fabulous.

la toilette inutile (the useless dress) 1964 // la femme lune (the moon woman) 1955.

i strike it. stalk it. try to make it obey me.  then in its disobedience, it forms things i like.

-fini, on her aesthetic strategy.

ophelia, 1963 // sommeil dans un jardin (sleep in a garden) 1962.

fini is one of those bizarre creatures that you cannot help but be inspired by–i mean, the lady wore head-to-toe feathers and posed naked for cartier-bresson. leonor, you’re my hero.

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