daily fix.

i haven’t talked about food on here in a while. don’t worry, it’s definitely not because i haven’t been eating–trust me, i’ve been eating. i just haven’t been doing any cooking really.  well, that’s a lie–i cook nearly every day. but just the tried and true staples::stir fry/pesto/randomroastedveggieconcoctions. just nothing too exciting–i’ve been busy, give me a break. but one thing i have been whipping up daily in my kitchen lately is smoothies. i’m not a breakfast person, but these smoothies have been doing the trick. and i’ve started to get fancy with some veggies in there. (i even made a strawberry, kale, basil one the other day–it wasn’t ideal. but i’m working on it). but my mixedberrybeet and tropicalspinach versions are divine.


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