holy moly–may flew by. apologies for totally abandoning ship here for the past month but i was insanely busy. today is the first day i have had absolutely nothing on my to-do list (and that’s a complete lie). between surprise visits home, birthday visitors and a lot of work packed in between, there hasn’t been much time. but let me tell you:: there has been a whole lotta beautiful. here’s a little recap::

a less than 48 hour trip back home to surprise my mama (and grandma!) for mother’s day. it was the first time both my sister and i were home at the same time in two years–it was pretty wonderful. and to top it off, we discovered two new family activities:: buttoning & jumping. (hey, i never denied that i was a huge nerd…)

a short work week and then it was my birthday. my 25th birthday. and well, my birthday is pretty much my favorite time of year and this year was no different. 4 of my favorite people flew in from all parts of the country to celebrate with me. and between lots of sparkles, days on the beach, delicious food and a fair share of alcohol, i danced right into 25. i seriously cannot thank all the beautiful people in my life for giving me such a spectacular celebration. xx.

a few more jampacked work days and then another event-filled weekend:: a surprise party for my sister’s boyfriend and some more visitors. AND i went to a sporting event–totally out of character, i know. dodgers vs. brewers. with a group full of brewers fans. brewers won. we got booed. i wore green.

and the whole month was full of sunshine (and eclipses and venuses) and a ridiculous amount of love. and with a sigh of relief, i promise to not leave you hanging for weeks at a time again. there’s a lot of good things to come. and let’s be real: it’s summer.


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