and something with the dirt is just different.

i fell in love with the tallest man on earth two years ago when his second album dropped. i then fell harder when i started listening to his first album, shallow grave. i can listen to his albums on repeat for hours on end –and there’s something about his voice that spurs my creative soul like none other. and then last week, i discovered his newest single 1904 and well, all i can say is: wow. i don’t think i’ve ever heard a more perfectly peaceful 4 minutes of music in my life. his third album, there’s no leaving now, comes out today and i promise you that tomorrow i will know all the words.

some will say it’s not even healthy but body is young and mind is sure.
that something is alright with your thinking because they shook the earth in 1904.

and it absolutely kills me that he’ll be in LA tonight and I will not be there.


leave some love.

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