well, damnit. apparently summertime and blogging do not go hand in hand in my world. and as a result, the life beautiful has turned into a glorified space to share my instagram photos. but really, can you blame a girl? i’d rather be outside enjoying the sunshine than plastered in front of my computer.
and that’s exactly what i’ve been doing–see:::

4th of july happened.
it consisted of fireworks over the marina, redpants&stripedtanks, and matching patriotic manicures.

there’s been a lot of crafting with sophie&olivia. i’m always down for a good crayon sesh but it’s definitely a lot more respectable when you’re drawing alongside 6&9 year olds…

this quote was recently painted on a sign down the street from me. and well, i love it. (after scouring the internet dying to find a source, i finally found this.) it’s perfection.

yesterday, a friend told me that my instagram feed was nothing more than pictures of my legs and the sky. which is not completely untrue. but my outfits are pretty awesome. and so is the sky…

and like always, i’m always finding some magic in the details.

jerry said it best::
once in a while you get shown the the strangest of places if you look at it right.

and one of these days, i’ll put something up here besides square photos and new music. promise.


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