who shot rock&roll.

Barry Feinstein, Bob Dylan with Kids, Liverpool, England, 1966
barry feinstein–bob dylan with kids, liverpool, england, 1966.

a few months ago, i went to the annenberg space for photography to see who shot rock & roll–an exhibit on rock photography. exhibits at the annenberg are always good, so i had very high expectations and well, they were surpassed. the exhibit focused on classic rock and the underground punk scene of the 70’s and 80’s with smattering of musicians from the 90’s and 00’s. with rare photographs of some of my favorites, i was in heaven.

these are just a few of my faves::

linda mccartney, "london. my love"
linda mccartney–my love, london, 1978.
elliott landy, The Band in the kitchen of Big Pink.
elliott landy–the band in the kitchen of big pink, easter sunday, 1968.
alfred wertheimer, elvis
alfred wertheimer–elvis, 1956.
edmond teske, jim morrison and pamela courson, bronson canyon
edmund teske–jim morrison & pamela courson, bronson canyon 1969.
philip townsend–the rolling stones, australia pub, london, 1963.  // godlis–patti smith, outside cbgb, new york city, 1976.  // david gahr–janis joplin, 1978.
robert whitaker–george harrison, way out. // amy arbus–madonna, new york city, 1983.

unfortunately, the exhibit is no longer touring but i highly suggest the book.



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